Introducing HACHI

The ERC-20 governance token HACHI is the governance token utilized by the holders of the digital currency AKITA, also known as Akita Inu.

The contract address for HACHI is 0x967B0c95295ead8fAef70d26A7846AeCD349AAFf — please triple check that you are interacting with the proper token! Buy on Uniswap.

Formation of the Akita DAO

HACHI allows holders to represent their voice in the Akita DAO, a distributed-leadership community focused on building a long-term ecosystem for its members. The Akita DAO will use its current funding stream from Gitcoin (through Q1 2027) and any future revenue streams to support the development and growth of the ecosystem. By connecting to Snapshot, HACHI holders can vote on proposals that will steer this ecosystem development process. HACHI will also be utilized in the future to buy AKITA.

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