Akita DAO

AKITA burns

As of January 30, 2023, 7,820,265,157,864.034983659548563721 AKITA have been sent to multiple burn addresses. Some market indexes do not proactively track this information and rely upon only the first address below. While this request has been made many times in the past, Akita DAO continues to advocate for AKITA holders and press these indexes to properly list AKITA tokenomics.
Akita DAO may choose to create buyback and burn proposals in the future. If implemented, those details will be included below.

Null Address: 0x00...dEaD

The traditional burn address known to most Ethereum users, this burn address contains 5.019T AKITA tokens that were burned from a Team Wallet and an increasing number of AKITA tokens that have been transferred either manually or by smart contract. View on Etherscan here.


This unconventional burn address was created by Gitcoin developers with the best of intentions during the Akita Fire Rescue buyback program. The ETH generated through this buyback-and-burn initiative funded the first Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool for AKITA.
Some market indexes do not automatically recognize this address, which currently holds 2,800,735,408,037.4288 AKITA that have been transferred from the Gitcoin Multsig wallet. View on Etherscan here.
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