Akita DAO

DAO Structure

The Akita DAO will soon formalize its structure by vote. Leadership from within the community is encouraged, and we hope that you consider what time you are able to dedicate to the DAO. This can be in the form of a role that you are nominated for and voted in, being a Steward who takes delegations of votes, or simply showing up to be a part of the discussion and vote on proposals using Snapshot.

Potential Roles

Marketing and Awareness

Social Media Management Influencer Outreach Creative Design

Operations & Administration

Community Managers & Moderators (Telegram, Discourse, etc.) Treasury Business Development Exchange Liason Advisor DAP Steward Liaison


Higher level roles which provide more value to the DAO may be compensated with HACHI tokens from the Leadership Allocation. Lower level roles may also receive HACHI rewards for completing tasks.